Derrick Dzuali

You are a hero because you loved us first.

You are a hero because you showed us care.

You are a hero because you taught us discipline.

You are a hero because you trained us with skills and values for a future we did not know

You are a hero because you never stopped loving us no matter what.

You are a hero because of all the uncountable sacrifices you made just so we could get here.

You are a hero because your tears were only to fill up the depths and float us to safety.

You are a hero because your prayers give us protection.

You are a hero because we will always celebrate your legendary impact on our lives.

We love you Mum!

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How my husband honestly feels about my natural hair journey – Part 1

Love and Natural Hair!!!

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Happy February lovelies! I don’t know how it was for you but January literally zoomed by me. In a ploy to be more focused and organised, I’m gonna be focusing on all things relationships this month and attempting to find topics that you actually find engaging.

So I’m kicking off with this interview with my husband, Massimo, who I realised I never asked how he feels about my natural hair. Ultimately, it is my hair and my decision about what I do with it but I thought it would be interesting to find out what he really thinks about it, as he’s actually on this natural hair journey with me. It turned out to be an intriguing discussion and so I’ve had to split the interview into three parts, with more juicy questions as it goes on – so make sure you return to read them all!

Have you guys…

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Dating With Purpose

Thanks Barry and Rabby. Very Insightful! 🙂


Hi guys!!! It’s the tenth month of the year 2017!!! And I am so so so glad that we have utilized God’s grace in bringing you little nuggets of wisdom each month. Help us celebrate this 10th post, by sharing this post with someone who has never read our blog before, and be a blessing! As usual, Barry’s contributions will be written in blue and mine in Italics. Enjoy!

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Found Worthy

Image result for excellenceJourneying through life — with, the busy schedules, trying to find purpose, what your ministry is, trying to get a career, working on a project, trying to get that degree, making that relationship work, trying to save a broken marriageor maybe picking up the pieces of your life after a divorce— Destiny. Perhaps you heard a word from God— but mind you, God gave several people the same word — so you might have the same vision with sister A or brother B to start a company but then it might not involve the same process— Sister A might need an office space whiles God wants you to start yours in the garage or the back yard of your house…PROCESS.

As developing children, especially during our youth, we often have a greater degree of neuroplasticity in comparison to adults. The brain’s neuroplasticity ensures it remains flexible enough throughout childhood…

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“Distinctively Similar”

We are all unique and wonderfully made 🙂 🙂

Found Worthy

There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee. (Joshua 1:5)

Earlier at dawn today, whiles listening to one of Bishop T.D Jakes’ sermons on Destiny Steps, God showed me something I’ve been doing wrong for the past few months. So I created this blog in October, I didn’t post anything until December — this was because I kept wondering if this was really what God wanted me to do and comparing what I write to other bloggers. A part of me was very sure yet after the first six posts I started having second thoughts about it — if He was the sole inspiration behind this, why then am I getting zero, two, five, ten and twenty-three views for my post…

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